Through the DSSINNOVA2016 initiative, the involvement of the local business fabric in the capital of culture project is sought. Thanks to Fomento San Sebastian, a community of businesses was set up, which shared an innovative character, as a key element of the region's DNA. In addition, their participation in the European Capital of Culture project is an acknowledgement of the work, the initiatives, the efforts and innovative projects that the businesses in our area are carrying out.

The list of participating businesses forms a community from different sectors as a reflection of the region’s reality, but they all have an important track record in the field of innovation from all of its angles: technological, social, organisational, etc. The businesses and agents who participate in DSSINNOVA2016 make a minimum contribution of €3000, 100% deductible as expenses and an additional 18% more on the full amount to be paid by the company in Corporation Tax.

Beyond the tax incentives, among the benefits that the participating businesses can enjoy is their participation in promotion activities and professional meetings, increased visibility, or the possibility of linking the DSS2016 logo to their business project.