Moving hybrid spaces

Hibrilaldiak were hybridisation processes to face a challenge identified by an association, a company or a group of people, with the aid of professionals with an "improbable" profile.

Any collective of people who wanted to face up to a need in any field had the possibility to be an hibriltari. There was a combination of points of view that responded to previously identified challenges with the idea of joining forces.

This work system, which aimed to respond to the wish for transformation through the help of professionals with profiles different to that of the group presenting the challenge, was set up for the first time in the year 2014 by San Sebastian 2016, with the methodological support and monitoring of  c2+i/Conexiones improbables.

A Hibrilaldi was not a normal citizen participation process. Antinatural connections were made between the group of people who wanted to face a challenge and between professionals with improbable profiles. These profiles were called "different" and contributed plurality and another point of view to the group.

The processes and results of the three calls of Hibrilaldiak were collected in two publications.

Book of illustrations

Text book

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