Participatory theatre to promote coexistence and reconciliation

Based on the premises of the Theatre of the Oppressed school of thought, this initiative advocates theatre as a tool to address the feelings, contradictions and archetypes provoked by violence and social unrest. The event takes the shape of a personal experience lasting for two hours during which spectators  relive the recent troubled past of Basque society in order to face the future together from a new place, reflecting on: What happened and why? What can  we do now? What must we do to prevent the same thing from happening again in the future?

On stage, a series of everyday situations will be played out, inviting the audience to decide how the story should continue and encouraging their participation through improvisation. 100 sessions will take place in 2015  nd 2016, during which we will collate the desires and commitments that inspire the future of a society on the road to peace. In 2016, these wishes  will be exhibited and shared with the local community.