Ten stories towards European coexistence

Europa Transit travelling embassy travelled to ten European cities that are or have been witness to wars or conflict. On behalf of the Lighthouse of Peace and the mission to spread the values of empathy and mutual understanding, Europa Transit visited Ceuta, Belfast, Dresden, Wroclaw, Sarajevo, Moscow, Paphos, Plovdiv, Pristina and Thessaloniki.

The embassy began its journey in January 2016, on a bus. At each destination, the Europa Transit team, led by filmmaker Xuban Intxausti, shot a documentary combining a journalistic account of the conflict with a cultural approach. These productions were broadcasted during the year of the European Capital of Culture on Basque public television ETB. They are all available to any channels and platforms that request them.

Europa Transit also produced  a Pan-European mashup, or audiovisual composition, with testimonials from locals of the places visited, aiming to obtain a digital mosaic on European identity that highlights the multiple identity constructs of a pluralistic Europe.

Ten views on ten conflicts in the search for empathy and mutual understanding. Ten stories defending culture for the transition to coexistence.

Additional Info

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  • Place:
    Ceuta, Belfast, Dresden, Wroclaw, Sarajevo, Moscow, Paphos, Plovdiv, Pristina and Thessaloniki
  • Start:
    January 2016
  • End:
    December 2016