Walls that talk about coexistence

Five walls (three in San Sebastián, one in Pasaia and another in Errenteria) will be the canvass for as many interventions that will combine art and the possibility of interaction thanks to new technologies. The works will be made by both local and non-local artists, which include Mentalgassi, Judas Arrieta, Harsa, Jenny Karna-Escalante, Ismael Iglesias, Igor Rezola, the Horma Chic collective and Las Chicas de Pasaik, among others. The walls, which will be painted during the autumn of 2015, shall be revisited as a setting for dances and projections in 2016.

Walls are urban elements that are a part of our day-to-day lives. They separate, delimit, support, obstruct... public and private spaces. We must climb over them, walk around them or go down them. Practically without realising it, we maintain a daily dialogue with these architectural elements. “Walls that talk” seeks to be a loudspeaker for this relationship and as a result possibly the oldest and most basic artistic expression of all has been chosen: the mural. We will attempt to convert the walls into elements of coexistence, as opposed to the walls and barriers that we build to hinder the desire to achieve a better future for all human beings.


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