The memory of our recent past in cartoons

Newspaper cartoons or comics have been a faithful reflection of the conflict that has marked our society's future for decades. Humour, satire, sharp criticism and their sense of solidarity offer a counterpoint to a reality that results from human behaviour which is often incomprehensible. All of this is the subject of study and the reason for creating an exhibition that will portray a reality filtered through the eyes of various cartoonists.

Tira-birak shows the formal evolution and content of cartoons from the late seventies up until today. A route that will serve to remind and tell us about the social and political climate which led to these cartoon strips. The final result of this work will be a travelling exhibition which will be supported by a programme of weekly parallel activities. These will include conferences, workshops, and laboratories associated with new technologies applied to cartoons. The University of the Basque Country's EMAN research group is responsible for studying and selecting the strips which will complete the exhibition.

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