Digital community work in the 21st century

As DSS2016EU and the fifteenth anniversary of Wikipedia coincide, we are using this as a chance to convert the city into a «Wiki-City». How? Through collaborative work with citizen agents, publishing and making all the articles relating to the city's history and culture available. QR codes located at the city's emblematic sites will create a nexus between the physical and digital worlds, showing the user articles in their own language. The initiative intends to unite the knowledge of Wikipedia with the experience of citizens and visitors.

Taking the Basque language and Basque Wikipedia pages as a point of departure, one of the initiative's main goals is to translate the articles into as many languages as possible. The project also intends to boost Basque Wikipedia content and increase, share and provide information on the city. This is undoubtedly an extensive project that will kick off during DSS2016EUand continue long after. Several specific initiatives have been created as a starting point: the neighbourhood Amarapedia workshop, Wikipedia in schools, edit-a-thons, etc.

Citizens and the city itself will be the protagonists and knowledge of San Sebastian will be created and spread. Your participation is crucial for the digital construction of the city.





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