Waves of energy
Promoting citizen projects

Waves of energy was the programme launched by San Sebastian 2016 to fund cultural initiatives by citizens. Under this initiative, cultural projects and programmes presented by individuals and not-for-profit associations received grants. The programme was based on two types of funding: a monthly call for five grants of 2,016 €, and a bimonthly one of 20,160 €

How many projects were subsidised?

The initiative funded a total of 66 projects: it issued 60 grants of €2,016 and six of €20,160.

Who was elegible to apply for it?

Individuals and not-for-profit associations wishing to present a project. Applications could also be made by children, provided that they had the authorisation of a guardian and he or she personally submitted the application. The grants for €2,016 were open for application by people registered as residents in the Basque Autonomous Community, Navarra and the Pyrénées Atlantiques Department of the Aquitaine region. On the other hand, the €20,160 grants were open for application by any European Union inhabitant.

How and when was the application process?

Both grant calls were continuously open for applications.

Who awarded the grants?

From among all the projects presented, Ardora citizen committee selected the ones that best shared the values of San Sebastian 2016 to receive the grants. The members of Ardora were citizens selected by means of a draw. Ardora met before the 15th of each month, and announced the list of projects selected on the 16th or following working day. Ardora chose monthly five projects to receive €2,016, and every two months also fund one with €20,160. The selected projects were announced on this website (availble only in Basque or Spanish).