Lazkao will play host to the next part of Peace Treaty’s Outskirts strand

Created by the artist Eduardo Molinari/Archivo Caminante, El veneno en tu maquinaria (Poison in your machinery) has been developed based on the Lazkao Benedictine Foundation Archive, which includes documents and accounts of violence inflicted upon nature and human beings.

From this Saturday until 23 July, visitors will be able to see the exhibition which will be on display at various points across the town.

The inauguration will take place at 12:00am on Saturday 25 June at the exhibition room in Lazkao Town Hall.


‘1516-2016. Peace Treaties’, Peace Treaty's main exhibition opens its doors

The main exhibition of San Sebastian 2016's Peace Treaty project opens its doors on 18 June, bringing together more than 600 pieces from 21 international museums.

Split between the San Telmo Museum and the Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Centre, the showing guides the public through the different representations and meanings that peace has had in the history of art, law, and culture.

Works from well-known artists such as Goya, Rubens, Murillo and Ribera can be seen, along with Picasso, Le Corbusier and Maruja Mallo.

In addition to Their Royal Majesties the King and Queen, the inaugural celebration held today was attended by the Lehendakari (President of the Basque Government) and various authorities.


Irish music, literature, theatre, and humour on Sunday in Okendo square

The Bloomsday Festival will offer the Irish music, literature, theatre, and humour of the great festival of the same name that is celebrated every year in Dublin.

Bloomsday Street Theatre will offer a dramatised journey through the most significant fragments of the novel Ulysses by James Joyce at 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 4:00 PM.

A point located in the square itself will offer the opportunity to taste Irish food and drink throughout the day.

Schedule with updated timetable.


“Peace Treaty - The Ingenuity of Art” A depiction of peace in the history of art

As part of the Donostia - San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture project, Bayonne will be hosting Peace Treaty - The Ingenuity of Art: A depiction of peace in the history of art, a large-scale, double exhibition that will run from 3 June to 25 September 2016. On one side of the River Adour, the Bayonne History and Basque Museum presents 1660 - The Peace of the Pyrenees: Politics and Family,  while on the other side, DIDAM is offering 1808 - Abdication in Bayonne: Ornament and Crime.



San Sebastian 2016 assigns five expeditions to document the diversity of Europe with cycling tours

The touring embassy Biziz will discover the rich physical and human geography of the continent this summer with five themed cycling routes.

Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, Athens, Copenhagen, Constance and Kaliningrad will be the starting points for the itineraries, which will cross the continent at the same time until they join each other in San Sebastian in September.

Each expedition will record its adventure in logbooks dedicated to the communities, architecture, gastronomy, biodiversity and sexuality.


Peace Treaty supports contemporary art

Seven artists will be producing specific pieces as part of the Outskirts strand of the Peace Treaty project for San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016.

The works of art can be found in Azkoitia, Eibar, Lazkao, Pasaia, Azpeitia, Urrugne and Zegama from June to October.

Asier Mendizabal, Ibon Aranberri, Mitra Farahani, Eduardo Molinari/Archivo Caminante, Ines Doujak & John Barker, Alejandra Riera and Juan Luis Moraza will be exploring issues such as drugs, weapons and violence.


The Oteiza Museum and San Sebastian 2016 present the exhibition “1513. From the Peace of Urtubia. Geography and Landscape"

The project presents a collection of 65 pieces around the formation of territory and representation of landscape

Curated by Gillermo Zuaznabar, the showing is part of the European Capital of Culture Peace Treaty project


Works like Picasso's Weeping Head and Zurbarán's Hercules fighting the Nemean Lion will spend the summer in San Sebastian

The exhibition '1516-2016. Peace treaties', to be held between 18 June and 2 October, will bring together more than 400 pieces from 21 international museums.

Although the showing is divided into two headquarters, it is comprised of a single journey that begins in the San Telmo Museum and continues in the Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Centre.

The works are distributed in the chapters that divide the peace agreements according to the Iberian School of Peace.


Music as a way to overcome the trauma of war in Sarajevo

Mursego and cellist Vedran Smailović, famous for playing his cello in the middle of the shooting during the siege of Sarajevo, star in the documentary that Europa Transit is filming in the Bosnian capital.

The Basque artist gave a concert in Sarajevo last night in which she presented a work inspired by her meetings with local artists and their testimonies regarding the past, present and future of the city.


San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture arrives in Sarajevo

San Sebastian 2016 team is filming a documentary in the city focusing on music as a way to overcome the trauma of war

Basque artist Mursego and cellist Vedran Smailović, famous for playing his cello in the middle of the shooting during the siege of Sarajevo, star in the documentary.

In the framework of the filming, Mursego will give tomorrow a concert in Cinemas Sloga Sarajevo, at 22:30.

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