‘Zubideak’ will bring four emblematic European festivals to San Sebastian

The initiative seeks to create connections between San Sebastian and the most important cultural festivals of Wroclaw, Dublin, Lyon and Ljubljana.

On 1 May San Sebastian will celebrate along with Wroclaw (Poland) the Thanks Jimi music festival on the Urumea terrace of the Kursaal.

A trip to Wroclaw will be raffled among those who go to the festival with their guitar to play the hit by Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe.


Tosta embassy sets off on its Atlantic route

It will visit the minority language communities of Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland, Wales, Frisia and Galicia; and will end its journey in Rentería, coinciding with Atlantikaldia.

Tosta’s mission consists of three phases: artistic residencies, an itinerant festival and a guide for the use of local languages in international contexts.

A set of four shipping containers will host an itinerant pop up festival that will be deployed at each destination.

The Directorate of Tourism of the Basque Government and Lacunza are the sponsors of the Tosta embassy.


San Sebastian 2016 premieres "In Dialogue", an exercise to promote coexistence in Northern Ireland

On Friday, the San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival will host the premiere of the documentary made by Europa Transit, the Capital of Culture’s embassy, in Belfast.

The work, directed by Xuban Intxausti, shows the dialogue directed by philosophy professor Sira Abenoza with people who were involved in the violent political conflict in Northern Ireland.


'Peace Treaty', the most ambitious project by San Sebastian 2016, European Capital of Culture

From 17 June the project will offer a multifaceted vision of how peace has been represented by art and law

The project, the central exhibition of which in San Sebastian includes items from 21 museums such as the Louvre or the Prado, will be also comprised of another seven exhibitions distributed in museums in Bilbao, Vitoria or Bayonne, among others

The central exhibition includes canonical works and contemporary work by authors such as Goya or Rubens, Picasso, Kokoschka, Leger, Arteta or Sokurov

The initiative also contemplates a monographic study and seven contemporary artistic productions


Esther Ferrer will bring poetry out to the streets with her second contribution to San Sebastian 2016

The artist has designed a poetry route with twelve stops on the streets of San Sebastian.

The first walk will take place this Saturday with Esther Ferrer and live poetry recitals.


Europa Transit, eine reisende Botschaft von San Sebastian 2016, ist in Dresden angekommen

Zentrales Thema des Dokumentarfilms, der in der Stadt gedreht wird, ist die Integration von Flüchtlingen.

Die wandernde Botschaft Europa Transit wird zehn europäische Städte bereisen, um das Motto Kultur für das Zusammenleben zu verbreiten.


Europa Transit, travelling embassy of San Sebastian 2016, arrives in Dresden

The integration of refugees is the central theme of the documentary that is being filmed in the city.

It is the third stop of the itinerant embassy, which will travel to ten European cities to spread the motto Culture to live together.


Esther Ferrer defends linguistic diversity in the première of her Carte Blanche

The artist presented on Saturday the first of the three activities with which she will contribute to the programme of San Sebastian 2016.

Tabakalera hosted I’ll tell you about my life, a performance that gathered representatives from ten language communities and where sign language received particular attention.


On appétit! Fusion of gastronomic cultures

San Sebastian 2016 presents On appétit!, a gastronomic-cultural project for the creation and sharing of recipes, the result of the fusion of Basque cuisine with other European food cultures.

The project will involve 10 residencies of chefs from different European countries, each lasting one week, continuing on a monthly basis throughout 2016.                                                

Each visit will be accompanied by the opportunity for the general public to participate in a dinner-course and a demonstration which includes a tasting.


Time Machine Soup, a journey through time with soup as the common thread

San Sebastian 2016 presents Time Machine Soup; an event where soup becomes a vehicle for travelling through time.

The première will be on 11 February at Tabakalera and there will be a total of 12 sessions in Basque and Spanish. Tickets are already available.

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