The public takes to the streets to celebrate the city’es status of capital of culture

Close to 85,000 people have enjoyed the 88 activities included in the extensive inauguration programme of DSS2016EU.

In total, more than 1,500 volunteers have participated in the opening days.

The representatives of the institutions involved in the project highlighted the participation of the city, as well as the quality of the cultural offerings this week.


50,000 people build the "bridge of coexistence"

The main event of San Sebastian 2016's inauguration programme has been a huge success, with more than 50,000 spectators who have taken part in the symbolic construction of the "bridge of coexistence".

The spectacle, directed by the co-founder of Fura dels Baus, Hansel Cereza, gathered 1000 participants, 50 collectives and 400 volunteers.


San Sebastian receives the official European Capital of Culture plaque during its busiest day of celebrations

With two hours left before the start of the inauguration’s main event, the Victoria Eugenia Theatre has hosted an institutional event to officially crown San Sebastian as the European Capital of Culture.

The fourth day of inaugural events included a rich and varied schedule of more than 50 activities.

The media are called to be present tomorrow at 11.00 am at the Aquarium for a press conference to assess the inauguration programme.


San Sebastian 2016 inaugurates the installation Iturriak/Fountains by artist Maider López

Iturriak/Fountains is the public art installation by artist Maider López that will be located in the Ondarreta gardens during 2016. Iturriak/Fountains consists of restoring and installing in the same space 13 fountains that were removed from the city. A work that appeals to memory and to the use of public space.


The inauguration events of San Sebastian 2016 reach the halfway point

The strong points of the third day of the inauguration celebrations have been the opening of the1966 | Gaur Konstelazioak | 2016 exhibition, the inauguration of the Babel Library and the presentation of DSS2016's itinerant embassies.


Practical information for accredited media: "Bridge for coexistence" spectacle

Tomorrow, 23 January, at precisely 8.00 pm, the main inauguration event of San Sebastian 2016, European capital of culture, will take place on and around the María Cristina bridge: Bridge for coexistence.


Three embassies will take San Sebastian 2016 project to Europe

The itinerant representation of DSS2015EU will visit 22 countries and more than 100 European cities.

The mission of the three embassies will be to promote coexistence between the different communities that inhabit the continent and to defend the great cultural and social mosaic that Europe is made up of.


The party continues after an intense San Sebastian Day

The public had the chance to enjoy more than a dozen activities during the opening day after the big day for San Sebastian citizens.

Today some of the details of the Bridge for coexistence spectacle have been presented. The city is already prepared for the main event of the inauguration, which will take place on Saturday 23rd at 8.00 pm.


An inauguration with more than 80 activities, crowned by a spectacle for thousands of people, 'Bridge for Coexistence'

The full schedule of the inauguration events for the European Capital of Culture, San Sebastian 2016, is now ready to be consulted by locals and visitors.


San Sebastian 2016 starts its foreign mission in Ceuta

The European Capital of Culture will travel with the Europa Transit embassy to ten European cities to spread the culture to live together.

A documentary about immigration is being filmed in Ceuta with the artistic collaboration of photographer Sergi Cámara.

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