The city gets involved with the inauguration of San Sebastian 2016

The inauguration of the European Capital of Culture will take place from the 20th to 24th of January, and on the 23rd there will be a great spectacle on and around the María Cristina Bridge.

Nearly fifty agents and cultural venues from the city have actively participated in the preparation of a rich and varied inaugural programme, with more than seventy events planned.

Thanks to the grant programme Waves of Energy, eleven projects devised and chosen by the public will complete the extensive cultural offering during the inaugural days.



Itsasgileak casts off with the signing of the agreement between Donostia 2016 and Albaola

The two institutions have signed an agreement to carry out a series of activities during December 2015 and throughout 2016 focusing on the promotion of the Basque maritime heritage.

During the remaining part of the year, a number of seminars will be held on the management of timber in our environment, at the European level, and a variety of activities will take place as part of the second edition of the “Sagardo Apurua” cider fair.


Trading ideas: privacy and intellectual property

The ninth edition of European Dialogues will include the interventions by the lawyer specialised in Information and Communication Technologies Law, Jorge Campanillas, and Iñaki Pariente, Director of the Basque Data Protection Agency.

The legal vacuum concerning privacy on the Internet and the legal framework of intellectual property will be the central topics of this year’s penultimate edition.


San Sebastian 2016 points out the more anthropological and cultural side of gastronomy in Bordeaux

The San Sebastian 2016 CEO Pablo Berastegui and the mayor of San Sebastian, Eneko Goia, have presented the European Capital of Culture´s culinary events on occasion of Bordeaux S.O Good, the Gastronomy and art of living festival.

DSS2016EU has organised several activities related to gastronomy, from gastronomic happenings to banquets for 300 guests, including culinary tradition fusions and showcookings.


Mons passes the baton of European Capital of Culture to San Sebastian 2016

San Sebastian 2016, whose motto is “coexistence”, will present more than 400 cultural events between January and December.

According to Pablo Berastegui, general director of the project, public participation in 2016 “will be key to charting a new horizon beyond San Sebastian”.


Over 1,000 children will take part in the forthcoming Haurbanistak project

15 schools from Donostia-San Sebastian have signed up for the initiative and will take part in classroom activities related to architecture, art and town planning.

One of the participating schools will embark on a virtual cultural exchange with a school in Wroclaw (Poland) so that students from both cities can exchange knowledge about their environment.


San Sebastian 2016 has launched its cultural programme

Today, 30th October, San Sebastian 2016 has presented its official agenda at an event at Tabakalera, in San Sebastian.

On Saturday 31st October a 104-page publication will be made available to the public free of charge.


A project to create a grand sculpture made of newspapers from around the world receives Waves of Energy's support

A photographic rally around the city, a cultural menu designed by residents, the "Perdiendo el hilo" exposition, and an inter-cultural music festival are the other four initiatives financed.

The Waves of Energy programme opens an extraordinary call with the goal of driving citizen initiatives coinciding with the Capital of Culture inaugural week.


Dialogue on environmental sustainability and safety with Cristina Narbona next 22th October

This new edition of "European Dialogues" will include the intervention of Cristina Narbona, former Spanish Environment Minister and current Member of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN). 


Hansel Cereza, artist and ceremony designer, invited to create the main San Sebastian 2016 inauguration spectacle

The inauguration week, which will take place between 18th and 24th January, will include San Sebastian day in the programme.

The main event, which will be held in 100 days, will take place on 23rd January and it will be designed by Hansel Cereza, former member of Fura dels Baus.

The Waves of Energy programme will also complete the inauguration with a double extraordinary call for applications.

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