'Labore': residency programme for projects in the San Sebastian Museum Network

Local and international artists can carry out their projects at the San Telmo Museoa, Aquarium, Museo Diocesano, Eureka! Zientzia Museoa, Cemento Rezola Museum, Museo Real 100 and the Untzi Museoa-Museo Naval

At Donostia 2016 and Donostia Kultura we want to promote the presence of artists and creatives at the region's cultural installations, making it possible for part of these creative processes to take place in these spaces.


The third grant of €20,160 will be for discovering the more than one hundred languages spoken in San Sebastian

The proposal by Badihar dugu Euskara Elkartea has received the third grant of 20,160 euros as part of the Waves of energy programme.

The Ardora citizen's council has also awarded 2016 euros to five more projects.


'Speaking walls', murals and new technologies to convey the value of coexistence

The Lighthouse of Peace project aims to give the ability to communicate to constructions whose purpose is the opposite.

Local and international artists will paint five walls.

We will attempt to convert the walls into elements of coexistence at a time when walls are being built that create obstacles to people’s well-being.


San Sebastian 2016 continues with the presentations of the project in the Basque Country

The San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture project and its contents will be presented at events open to the public. The presentations will take place in the Oiasso Roman Museum (Irun), the cultural centres Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao) and Kulturate (Arrasate) and in the headquarters of Biharrian Elkartea (Eibar) between September and November.


San Sebastián 2016 gives carte blanche to Esther Ferrer, Anjel Lertxundi and Jone San Martín

DSS2016EU has invited three creative artists linked to the city to each come up with their own proposal for the cultural programme.

"Cartes blanches" completes the schedule of the Conversations project.


One of the projects supported by Waves of Energy in July will recreate historic photographs of San Sebastián

Interviews with children about life and modern society, pieces of art made with coastal litter, crafts workshops and a concert for Uganda are the other four ideas that will receive €2,016

The August call for projects is still open


Karlos Martinez, Ibon Salvador, Ahmed Omar and Nasra Sidi Azman will be taking part in the 'Between Sands' artistic residencies

The artistic residencies in the Sahara are the first step on the path of the Lighthouse of Peace's Between Sands project. Choreographer Ibon Salvador and sculptor and multi-discipline artist Karlos Martinez are the artists chosen by San Sebastián 2016, European Capital of Culture, for this phase of the project, which will start in October in the Sahara. There they will meet their Sahrawi peers: Ahmed Omar, filmmaker, and Nasra Sidi Azman, a student completing her final year at the Sahrawi Art School. The aim of learning from each other and contributing what they each have is shared by all of them.


The second grant worth €20,160 will be used for 100 alternative artistic activities

The proposal from the Jam Espresio Kulturalaren Promozioa asssociation has won the second grant for €20,160 provided by the Waves of Energy programme

The public selection committee Ardora has awarded another five projects grants for €2,016. The application process for July's projects is now open


The presentation of San Sebastián 2016 in Irun is postponed until September 17th

The presentation of the San Sebastián 2016, European Capital of Culture (DSS2016EU) project, at the Oiasso Roman Museum in Irun, has been postponed until Thursday, 17th September, at 19:00. The event, which was scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday July 15th, has been postponed due to agenda incompatibility reasons of the people participating in the talk.
During the event that will be held in September, there will be a presentation of the schedule of San Sebastián 2016, as well as of the projects that will have a direct or indirect relationship with the Bidasoaldea region.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Mondragon University and DSS2016EU have organised a conference on self-management in collaboration

The conference will be held on the morning of 15th July at the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences in Aretxabaleta

This meeting is the first stage of the collaboration between Mondragon University and DSS2016EU

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