DSS2016EU will present the project in Getaria, Tolosa and Irun during the month of July

The presentations will take place on July 9th at the Balenciaga Museum at 19:00; on the 13th at 19:30 at the TOPIC; and on the 15th at 19:30 at the Oiasso Museum.


Present at the events will be the people in charge of managing each centre, as well as the managers of the DSS2016EU project.



José Manuel Durao Barroso: A new narrative for Europe

The sixth session of European Dialogues will take place tomorrow, Thursday 18th June, in the San Telmo Museum, and will feature participation from José Manuel Durao Barroso, ex-President of the European Commission, and Miguel Poiares Maduro, Deputy Minister of State and Regional Development Minister of Portugal.

The dialogues, this time, will revolve around the European narrative, and will try to answer the question of whether a shared story exists in all the Member States.


The DSS2016EU Prime Time project announces to international production companies the opening of the selection process for television formats

The Prime Time audiovisual project of DSS2016EU's cultural programme is trying to promote a prime time television format that attracts viewers to topics connected to European culture.

The selection process is addressed to production companies around the world, with the submission period running until 16 September 2015.


Submit your project to the Waves of Energy programme

On March, the San Sebastian 2016 Foundation launched the Waves of Energy programme, designed to provide financial aid to projects proposed by individuals and not-for-profit associations.

The first €2,016 and €20,160 grants have already been given, but citizens and non-profit associations are invited to submit initiatives to the third call for proposals.


Biziz, the travelling embassy, sets out on its first journey

One of the three DSS2016EU travelling embassies, a convoy of vehicles driven by bicycles, set out today on its pilot journey to Nantes.

In 2016, five similar endeavours will set out on the same number of expeditions from different European cities on their way to meet up in San Sebastian.


International translators to broaden the horizons of literature in the Basque language

DSS2016EU and Etxepare launch New translators, a project to recruit foreign literature translators to learn Basque and translate a literary work in the language into their mother tongue.

Today sees opening of the call to select four non-Basque-speaking translators and four who have basic knowledge of the language for stays in the Basque Country.


Waves of Energy: a programme to channel citizen participation

On 1 March the San Sebastian 2016 will launch the Waves of Energy programme, designed to provide financial aid to projects proposed by individuals and not-for-profit associations not falling within the ordinary activities. In 2015, San Sebastian 2016 will award a total of 60 grants for 2,016 euros, and another six for larger-sized projects of 20,160 euros, according to the selection made by the citizens' committee, Ardora.

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