The magic of the Ana Desetnica festival will take over Zurriola bridge

The fourth and last Zubideak is dedicated to street theatre and the guest festival will be Ana Desetnica from Ljubljana

Nine international performances and a local one that range from street parades to vertical dancing, including puppet theatre, clown or large-scale street theatre, make up the agenda for 31 July.

In addition to the performances, the extensive schedule of Zubideak. Ljubljana will be completed with workshops and games.

Zurriola bridge will see its normal use be altered to become, next Sunday, 31 July, a huge street stage with a cultural schedule that will show the finest international street theatre. Zubideak seeks to build bridges between Europe’s different cultures and bring them to San Sebastian.

The edition dedicated to Ljubljana includes the collaboration of a curator from the Ana Munro organisation, the entity in charge of organising the Ana Desetnica festival in the Slovenian capital. This is one of the most veteran European performance arts festivals within the specialisation of street theatre. Artists from Slovenia, France, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Croatia, USA and Ukraine will bring performances that range from street parades to vertical dancing, as well as puppet theatres, clowns or large scale street theatre. All that artistic wealth will be what will fill Zurriola bridge with entertainment.

Each performance seeks to be a journey, an experience that represents characters, that is drawn with lights... which, in short, tells stories.

International street theatre

From Slovenia we have Stilt walkers, a performance halfway between theatre and circus. The Čupakabra company presents a performance that consists of a calm walk where there will be stilts, interaction and juggling. At 11:00, the space will be transformed into a fairytale that will dazzle the hearts of visitors. Half an hour later, two performers from Slovenian company Šugla Theatre will become Tom & Jacqueline, two radically different characters that will try to use the same stage at the same time. Tony, with his preference for noise and Jaqueline, with her taste for tranquillity and cleanliness. Their attempts to drag each other into their own world will cause them their share of problems, to the enjoyment of the audience.

At 12:00, children will be the protagonists thanks to the Captain Dada’s Pirate Theatre adventure by Slovenians KUD Ljud. Captain Dada has no ship or crew, has forgotten the purpose of his expedition, lost the treasure map, broken his compass, has a terrible hangover and is also dizzy... What will the audience suggest to help him?

The morning schedule will end at 13:00 with the Road to Tadam street adventure, a co-production by Slovenia, Ukraine and the United States. Through the clever manipulation of objects, the artists create aeroplanes and ships, and through an excellent use of mimicry, they invent plains and rivers and even cause a volcano to erupt, which they must escape from to save themselves.

After a break during which Zurriola bridge will become a huge games area, it will return to its function as a street stage at 17:00. Lithuanian artists Bad Rabbits will perform the interactive show The Rise and Fall of Democracy, which will carry out a review of history. Two actresses from Theater Polpet are sailing at sea when a fish suddenly appears, and what could have been a regular and pleasant event becomes Fish, a peculiar fishing journey that at 18:00 will combine theatre and puppets.

Mother Courage (20:00) by companies Ana Monro and KUD Ljud is a large-scale street performance based on the work by Bertolt Brecht. The action takes place so close to the audience that they can practically touch the actors and, as the performance progresses, the spectators get increasingly involved and become fully part of it at the end. The topic of war and of the people who get dragged into it, either voluntarily or involuntarily, is a current issue, particularly after the crisis that has violently shaken the so-called first world.

At 21:00 Secret will start, a performance that consists of a sorrowful song, buto (a traditional Japanese dance in which body and soul are presented as an indivisible entity), about the secrets of life, accompanied by a shadow that moves in the air in a land of puppets. An original piece by Slovenian-Croat company Dislocated Unity.

The evening will end with the performance Sodrga by Slovenians KD Priden možic & Čupakabra. At 22:00 there will be an imaginative spectacle about a group of trolls who enjoy their pleasant life in a rusty garden until one day they receive an eviction notice to make way for new buildings in the area. In essence the performance is a spectacle of fire accompanied by legendary hardcore band 2227.

The performances will be in their original languages, but it will not be necessary to know them to understand the shows.

Local contribution

Zubideak. Ljubljana, faithful to the essence of the project, will also show the vanguard of local street theatre. For this purpose, DSS2016EU has included Hortzmuga teatroa, a company which, after a 27-year career, has been consolidated as a reference in the professional fabric of Basque performing arts.

This company from BIlbao will come to Zubideak. Ljubljana with Femmes (19:00), an itinerant street performance without text intended to encourage the active participation of the audience as the main, secondary or extra characters in a story that will be created on Zurriola bridge. Femmes is a protest and politically incorrect performance by a group of elderly women turned social activists who, through humour, make provocation a new way of life/of fighting/of protest.

Although it is a work of fiction, any similarity to coincidence is pure reality.

Games area

From 14:00 to 17:00 there will be a break in the theatre performances and Zurriola bridge will become a games area with a participative agenda for people of all ages.

Children and those feeling brave can take part in theatrical and circus skills workshops and practice several languages. In addition, the different areas of the bridge will become language-specific depending on the language spoken by the company occupying them: Basque, Spanish, Lithuanian, Croat, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Austrian, Bulgarian, English and Slovenian. There will also be a simple game that will invite visitors to move from area to area and to learn phrases in different languages, making the game a symbolic journey from San Sebastian to Ljubljana.

In addition, there will also be a stand with information on Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016, its tourist attractions and its extensive cultural offerings, as well as on Slovenia in general. At the same stand there will also be information on offer about the Ana Desetnica festival and about other activities organised by Ana Monro.

The bridge: a huge stage

The purpose of decorating the bridge is to give it a unique and different appearance for Zubideak. Ljubljana. Through its decoration, the bridge will be changed in appearance, making it a special place, with a magical touch and totally different to what it looks like normally.

The decorative elements will be light wind and rain-resistant fabrics. For this, inspiration has been drawn from the decoration used for the Ana Desetnica festival in Ljubljana to prepare the venues and for the celebration of the festival. The decoration will function as a canvas for the performances of the urban artists, as the backdrop of the stages and the spaces for the workshops and as the stage decoration for the Mother Courage performance.

Orona Fundazioa, sponsor of 'Zubideak'

Since the start of the candidacy process and until the status of European Capital of Culture was achieved, Orona Fundazioa has supported this project with its human capital and its infrastructures located in its innovative headquarters, the Orona Ideo technology centre, shared by businesses, research centres and the University.
Orona Fundazioa is a non-profit entity that represents the more human side of Orona and tries to provide a service not only to the people who are part of the organisation, but also to society as a whole. It seeks to reinforce commitments to its surroundings, through social innovation projects.

In this external relationship, the foundation seeks to create a meeting space with educational, social, sports, cultural, socioeconomic and institutional agents with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences that can be added to Orona’s culture and to encourage society's development.

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