'Corners' rolls out in Amara with exhibitions, performances, shows and guided tours

From 28 September to 1 October, 11 projects will be presented involving nearly thirty artists from the Corners of Europe cultural platform.

The initiative falls within San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture’s Hazitegiak quay.

The projects have been co-created and adapted for San Sebastian together with agents and neighbours from the Amara neighbourhood.


Nearly 30 artists from different parts of Europe are meeting in San Sebastian to develop 11 artistic projects that fall within San Sebastian 2016, European Capital of Culture's participation in the Corners of Europe project. Following the co-creation and adaptation of the projects to the city with the help of agents and neighbours from the Amara neighbourhood, where the majority of the activities will unfold, the time has come for them to be presented.

From 28 September to 1 October, artistic installations, expositions, performances, shows and guided tours through special corners of the Amara neighbourhood can be enjoyed:

The sound installation "Bridging the Silence" on the Mikel Laboa footbridge; showings of short-subject and feature-length films in the "Flashes" project on the Amara Zaharra Fronton; the "Birdhouse Gallery" exhibition in the trees of Avenida de Madrid; the "In Transition" show at the Ernest Lluch Cultural Centre; the performance and installation "Oh My Home Lost&Found" on the Paseo de Francia, guided tours with "Amara Safari"; the installation "In Between" in the Plaza de Ferrerías; the performance of "Sister of Another Mama" in the Plaza Nestor Basterretxea, and "Windows" in the Plaza de las Cofradías Donostiarras.

Some of the projects, such as the "Put Yourself in My Place" exhibition in the Ernest Lluch Cultural Centre, the "Hide or Reveal" installation on the DBUS line 26, and the "In Between" exhibition in the Anoeta Euskotren station, are already under way. The Corners of Europe cultural platform has already presented these projects in cities such as Stockholm, Belfast, Blythe, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Rijeka.

Participating in the presentation carried out were the General Director of San Sebastian 2016, Pablo Berástegui; the Delegate Councillor of the Capital of Culture 2016, Basque Culture, and Education of the San Sebastian City Council, Miren Azkarate; the Programme Manager of Corners of Europe in San Sebastian 2016, Iker Tolosa; the Artistic Director of Corners of Europe, Chris Torch; Artist, Ixone Ormaetxe, as well as Paloma San José, representative of the Amara Berri Neighbour's Association.


Public participation

In San Sebastian, hundreds of individuals from neighbourhood associations, Cáritas, schools such as La Salle Ikastetxea and Amara Berri, as well as M-etxea, the University of Deusto, Amarauna and the Ernest Lluch Cultural Centre have participated, among others. Local agents such as Danele Sarriugarte and Harkaitz Cano have also participated as coordinators.

Corners of Europe

Corners is a multinational cultural platform which connects the "ends of Europe". It has 10 direct members and over 20 partners representing fifteen countries or regions on the borders of Europe. Many of them are places where conflict has played a determining role in their culture and the lives of citizens. At the same time, and often because of this, they have an immense creative energy.

The project seeks to document and analyse the realities of the regions in question and establish networks of partners by creating a sustainable platform for collaboration between creators. To do this, Corners takes artists out of their usual environments and away from the culturally predominant centre of Europe. As a result, they have been sharing expeditions across different corners of our continent since 2012. These visits have given the artists an insight into various social, political and cultural situations, which has resulted in multidisciplinary projects that have been created collaboratively by different working groups.

Corners of Europe is a laboratory where some of today's corners of artistic creation are explored by exposing it to different tensions. The artists' need to constantly negotiate with regards to creative processes; collaboration between artists from different places; the subjectivity and meanings which arise from changing lifelong backgrounds in Europe; discussions about the role of citizens in projects and their level of participation, etc.

Nationalities and disciplines come together to devise a series of open projects which culminate in presentations, such as the one taking place in San Sebastian. Before this happens, however, these projects are tailored to the circumstances of the places where they are going to be shown. To do this, artists work with local agents and residents. Over the course of two weeks, they will be adapting and creating them in Amara, working in partnership with residents' associations, Cáritas, schools such as La Salle Ikastetxea and Amara Berri, as well as M-etxea, the University of Deusto, Amarauna and the Ernest Lluch Cultural Centre, among others. Local agents such as Danele Sarriugarte and Harkaitz Cano have also been acting as coordinators.

Beatriz Churruca, Juan Aizpitarte, Borja Ruiz, Ixone Ormaetxe, Joseba Irazoki and Asier Zabaleta are the Basque artists who were chosen as part of an open call by DSS2016EU.

As well as San Sebastian 2016, which has included the project as part of the Hazitegiak section of its programme, the Corners of Europe platform also has another ten members: Intercult (Sweden); Pogon from Zagreb and Drugo More from Rijeka (Croatia); Exodos from Ljubljana (Slovenia); City Culture Institute from Gdansk (Poland); the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Isis Arts (United Kingdom); Cultural Centre REX (Serbia); Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (Italy); and DokuFest (Kosovo). The project is organised in conjunction with Donostia Kultura.

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